A Volvo dealership involved GSD® in creating advertising and a new website. The objectives were to create the website as mobile responsive, a full redesign and a refresh and boost to the advertising and promotional material. The Volvo brand and identity required careful treatment to remain cohesive on a global and national level.

GSD® designed innovative advertising using aspirational imagery to promote its new XC90. The launch of the XC90 needed to be promoted for Volvo showrooms, test drives and to register interest in their vehicles. The much awaited Volvo XC90 was launched and promoted to much acclaim and looks set to become the market’s leading luxury SUV. Similar principals were applied with the used car promotions communicating the high quality of Volvo approved used cars at the dealership.

The dealership sales team recorded notable return on investment following the launch of the new website in Tandem with the advertising and promotions in the district. Enquiries increased both from the website and local advertising.

“GSD® brought a fresh approach to communicating the quality of our new and used cars, generating interest with different audience groups using a coherent Volvo identity. All elements of the XC90 campaign across all types of media were executed professionally.”

Amy Fowler - Marketing Manager


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Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust

Branding and Identity, Cross media campaign

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