Tresham College


Tresham is a College of Further and Higher Education with campuses in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough in Northamptonshire. The college operates the National College for Motorsport based at the Silverstone Circuit.

Tresham needed to position itself as a leading choice for further and higher education, competing against local school provision (in the case of A level studies) and other colleges in Northamptonshire.

The solution was a bright, vibrant and exciting design to appeal to the target audience. GSD® maximised opportunities to make the design personalised and address the student directly. There were clear pathways to make options easy to understand with colour coding to distinguish between different skill / school sets.

The creation of a personalised prospectus was a major step for the college and they needed some compelling promotional material to encourage students to go online and order their own prospectus. This is why GSD® proposed the Interloopmailer® to support the marketing campaign we produced.

As well as a design proposal for the prospectus, GSD® delivered designs for the recruitment campaign, calling for students to go online. This included a mail shot, billboard advertising, website advert and Facebook promotions.

“It’s been great to have such original and effective input into the way Tresham College communicates with its diverse audiences. GSD® bring a breath of fresh air!”

Susan Titmuss - Head of Marketing and Social Media

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Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form

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