Stoke City FC

English Premier League Football Club

Stoke City FC are a top flight Barclays Premier League team that are growing from strength to strength. GSD® won a 7 pitch tender to produce collateral to widen the club’s reputation and also maximise revenue streams worldwide.

GSD® created the strong and lively ‘Are you ready?’ campaign consisting of:

  • Billboards
  • Adverts
  • Fixture cards
  • Hospitality literature

GSD®’s engaging design and advertising-with-a-difference helped support sales growth of up 18%. Feedback from supporters and associates of the club alike has been extremely positive.

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“7 agencies pitched for our advertising campaign - GSD® had the edge we needed.”

Della Birchall - Marketing Manager

Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust

Branding and Identity, Cross media campaign

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Branding, advertising and promotional material

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Advertising and Promotional Material, Cross media campaign

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