Maintaining accurate student attendance data has never been more important, both for student security and the school’s recorded performance. GSD® identified an opportunity to take advantage of modern smartphone technology to update the way busy teachers take the classroom register – saving both valuable time and resources.

A nifty school registration app called Reggie®. This enables teachers to take the register and access data wherever they need to – without having to rely on a desktop or laptop computer. Reggie® can not only be used in classrooms, but also in remote locations such as the sports field or on school trips. It’s also a useful back up when access to the school is restricted or when computer systems are down.

School registration made simple! Teachers can now take the register anytime, anywhere, knowing the data is safe and secure. Not only that, they can now devote more time to teaching and learning – rather than managing a cumbersome system that requires manual input into SIMS. Up-to-the-minute pupil and staff class registration information is always available – in an instant.

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“It’s not that long ago that school admin staff would spend hours each week reconciling manually recorded register data – work that wasn’t just time-consuming, but expensive too. Reggie® offers a fresh take on school registration to deliver huge benefits in terms of simplicity, speed, security, full integration with Capita SIMS and – crucially – cost.”

David Cole - BL6 Head teacher and Director

Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form

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