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Reggie® app products are the world’s first mobile applications, which allow registration to take place, anytime and anywhere. They are quick, easy to use and affordable, saving time and money. Reggie® is also completely secure, working only with registered devices and requiring a log-in via username, password and school ID, with all data transmission fully SSL-encrypted.

The Reggie® brand was created for the range of Reggie mobile application products, which currently include Reggie® Education, Firedrill, Soccer and Audit. GSD® created the logo with a emphasis on a strong name, multi-functional representation of the word ‘registration’, shortening to the memorable word Reggie®.

Each product has it’s own brand colour and icon change over the letter ‘i’ to depict each target audience.

“It’s not that long ago that school admin staff would spend hours each week reconciling manually recorded register data – work that wasn’t just time-consuming, but expensive too. Reggie® offers a fresh take on school registration to deliver huge benefits in terms of simplicity, speed, security, full integration with Capita SIMS and – crucially – cost.”

David Cole - BL6 Head teacher and Director

René Meulensteen

Sports Branding & Identity

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