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Porsche GB required a Facebook application that integrated with a live data feed of their used vehicles. The application needed to allow the end user to select their desired search parameters and locate a vehicle of interest in a slick and efficient manner. In turn the application needed to then provide enough detail about the selected vehicle through text and imagery with the opportunity to register their interest/enquire about the vehicle.

GSD® first created a design working within the Porsche brand guidelines keeping both simplicity and the quality feel associated with Porsche at the heart of the design. The usability of the application was the second key feature providing users with the choice of searching via their own choice of keyword, pre-defined colour parameters and a price minimum to maximum selection.

The application operates all within a single window with no refresh to allow for instant search results and paging between said results, providing a slick user experience alongside the real-time data provided via the data feed.

The final application was warmly received by both Porsche GB and the head office for both the attention to detail in adhering to the company’s brand guidelines but also for the slick and efficient manner that the application operates. Visitor statistics to the application so far have proven it a success with a 20% conversion rate from views through to enquiries on vehicles.

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Thanks to GSD® for their efforts with this app. Great product and follows brand guidelines as we requested.

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